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Do VED Pumps Really Work?


The vacuum erection device was created by Geddings Osbon in the 1960s for his own erectile dysfunction.   Vacuum Erection Devices are FDA approved to treat erectile dysfunction and to restore penile length lost due to prostate surgery or prostatectomy.  Vacuum Erection Devices are also commonly referred to as Vacuum Constriction Devices.  

How Do VEDs Work?

An erection is a complex event caused essentially by blood flow to the penis.  The vacuum erection device creates an erection by causing engorgement of the penis in conjunction with a band that is placed at the base of the penis to retain blood within the corpus cavernosum.      

VED's consist of a clear plastic cylinder, a pump, and tension rings.  Water-soluble, alcohol-free lubricant is required.  Lubricant is placed on the end of the clear plastic cylinder. Tension rings are slipped on the lubricated end of the clear plastic cylinder.  A pump is inserted into the other end of the cylinder.  The lubricant is used to create a seal, and the cylinder is placed over the penis.  The pump then creates a vacuum inside the cylinder, causing an erection.  After the erection is achieved, the tension ring is moved off the cylinder onto the base of the penis for the remainder of sexual activity.   Do not leave the tension ring on the penis for more than 30 minutes.  Always follow all manufacturer directions contained in the packaging of your VED.   

Benefits of Vacuum Therapy

In contrast with oral medications which can have diminished effectiveness over time, vacuum therapy can actually increase the overall health and functioning of the penis over time.  Regular use of the vacuum erection device is extremely therapeutic for men with erectile dysfunction.  After using the vacuum erection device for a long period of time some men are even able to have erections on their own again.  

Nocturnal erections bring blood flow to the penis, nourishing the penile tissue.  As men age, they may have fewer and fewer nocturnal erections.  Vacuum therapy spurs regular erections.  Depending on the degree of the erectile dysfunction, it may be necessary to begin vacuum therapy by using the vacuum erection device a few times a week without the tension rings to cause an erection, maintain it for a minute, and then let it go.  After this has been done a few times, regular vacuum therapy can begin successfully.    

The more that a man uses the vacuum erection device to achieve and maintain erections, the better the vacuum therapy will work for him.  As one practitioner counsels, "With the VED, you get out of it what you put into it."  

The bottom line is: Vacuum therapy is a safe, effective way to successfully return to intercourse.